StartApp gives a new dimension to storage center management

StartApp gives a new dimension to storage center management

StartApp and its team, having the required expertise and experience, designs and develops integrated information systems solutions, following best practices. The company’s goal is to offer you affordable and customized information systems for inventory management, so that you can organize and fully utilize the dynamics of your storage space. Trust StartApp and save to the maximum extent both financial and human resources, aiming at the future growth of your business. In addition to systems, StartApp also offers you high-level consulting services to cover the following issues:

  • Inventory of the existing situation
  • Study of storage needs, both current and future
  • Needs analysis (understanding processes and identifying those parts of the supply chain that need to be optimised)
  • Design of integrated solutions for the supply chain
  • Compilation of the relevant functional specifications
  • Project timetable implementation
  • Support for control procedures for each action
  • Human resources training

StartApp has created and offers you a fully customizable and flexible system, StartWMS, and also provides you with high quality services based on Mantis’ Logistics Vision WMS.

Increase the efficiency of your workforce by speeding up the picking process, utilizing every technology, such as RFID stock identification, Pick to Light, Pick to Cart and Voice Picking systems. The company offers you all the necessary tools to respond to changes in demand, as well as the ability to receive statistical analysis and make demand forecasts.

Take advantage of the solutions offered by the company and manage every complex process from receipt to shipment of products. The better organisation of the warehouse combined with automated processes offer you faster and more efficient control of your stocks. Reduce your response time to market needs by investing in StartApp. Our company is a strategic choice for any business seeking to gain a competitive advantage and ensure its sustainability over time.

All of the above and more are offered through a friendly and fully flexible user interface. StartApp takes care of every configuration and maintenance process of your WMS, with absolute consistency before and after the sale. In addition, your WMS is completed with the interconnection of the other systems of your business. The company’s goal is to achieve the automation and faster implementation of the daily processes that are carried out within your company as a whole.

Respond to changes in a timely manner and get immediate support with absolute reliability. With StartApp you will create your own modern warehouse, according to your needs and get closer to a successful future!

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