WMS configuration

StartApp undertakes the perfect installation and full configuration of your WMS, in the most reliable way, ensuring the most efficient operation of your warehouse, as well as the sustainability of your business.

Installation & Installation services Configuration services include initial software installation, settings and permissions on each workstation, configuration of functions and business processes, form settings, tools, reports & printouts and data transfer from previous systems and applications.

The system is installed with preconfigured business functions that are integrated according to your activity and industry.

StartApp’s integrated WMS solutions support integration with other business systems, such as ERP, e-commerce, etc.

Consultancy services for warehouse organisation and distribution

StartApp and its team having many years of experience in storage management issues, following best practices, provides you with specialized consulting services in WMS systems.

StartApp, following modern organizational trends, treats the activities performed within your warehouse as highly important for the development and sustainability of your business. The company’s goal is to give you a competitive advantage and ensure that your warehouse operating conditions are such that you can achieve a significant increase in the level of your sales.

Our consultancy services cover the following range:

Needs analysis (understanding processes and identifying those parts of the supply chain that need to be optimised)

Inventory of the existing situation

Study of storage needs taking into account current and future needs

Design of integrated solutions for the supply chain

Reporting for effective, managerial and financial control to management

Compilation of the relevant functional specifications

Project timetable implementation

Support for control procedures for each action

Human resources training

Design and development of WMS interface with third party systems (ERP, distribution, etc.)

The goal of StartApp is the smooth and faster operation of your business as a whole. Therefore, the interconnection of WMS systems with third party systems is one of the most important points that a company should consider. What is now necessary is two-way communication between heterogeneous systems and the automation of the necessary daily processes that a company performs. The warehouse is one part of a business, which is also interconnected with the rest of its internal functions.

StartApp offers you warehouse management systems, which have the ability to be effectively interconnected with third-party systems, such as ERP systems, etc., so that the correct information is transferred as a whole.

Leverage every technology and service we provide to improve the efficiency and functionality of your business.

Design of traceability solutions

Proper management of your warehouse and inventory control requires a comprehensive traceability system, which will enable you to track the history of movements and the location of products in the present time, through recorded identifiers.

StartApp designs and provides you with the right traceability solutions for your business. StartApp’s complete solutions consist of the necessary coding equipment as well as the traceability software. The result of the traceability solutions you will integrate into your WMS operation is the immediate tracking of each product, the immediate recall of a defective load, the tracking of raw materials used in the production process, etc. In addition, manage special attributes such as batches, expiry dates, serial numbers, etc. .

The aim of the development of these solutions is to eliminate issues related to the quality of shipments, to reduce the response time of the warehouse to the needs of the market, to optimize all processes from receipt to shipment, as well as to reduce the cost of unnecessary movements of employees due to the ignorance of the location of the product.

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