The Company

StartApp, the strategic choice for organizing your warehouse!

StartApp was founded in 2014 by executives with long experience in the field of business IT and WMS.

The company is active in the IT sector, designing and developing information systems WMS and providing high quality services. At StartApp we trust the quality and expertise of our human resources to invest in the future.

Our goal is the continuous development, implementation, selection and support of technologically advanced information systems that offer the customer integrated business solutions.

Our aim is to provide you with all the tools you need to respond to the constant and complex changes in the market, so that you are always one step ahead of the competition.

Our team, having implemented successful projects in the field of information systems, provides integrated solutions in the field of logistics management.

StartApp, integrated WMS solutions!

StartApp is one of Mantis’ key partners in Greece offering the LVS solution. LVS offers you the ability to coordinate every complex process and manage the huge amounts of stock that accumulate in your warehouse every day.

The aim of StartApp and LVS is to reduce the costs of managing the storage center to a minimum, in the most “smart” and simplified way.

Take advantage of the possibilities offered by such a system and organise all the tasks performed along your supply chain.

StartApp, your reliable partner for WMS!

Also, StartApp in cooperation with ConnectLine created and offers you Start WMS which is fully integrated with Soft1 software. The goal of both StartApp and Start WMS is to provide you with dynamic management of your storage center, as well as all the processes that take place within it.

Moreover, the benefits are equally important for any business, regardless of the size of its activities and the sector it belongs to. Reap all the benefits of Start WMS and instantly manage any discrepancy from the receipt process to the shipment of your products.

Finally, the ultimate goal of StartApp and Start WMS is to gain a competitive advantage , offering maximum satisfaction to your customers with timely deliveries at the lowest possible cost.

StartApp, why trust us?
Know-how & Professionalism

Many years of experience have made us experts in the development of integrated warehouse management systems. Our priority is to provide a high level of customer-centric services.

Top quality service after the sale

Our comprehensive service and support policy, even after the installation of the WMS, places us always at your side to support the development and growth of your company.
We offer immediate resolution of any questions or problems related to the operation, capabilities and efficiency of your WMS.

Integrated warehouse management proposals

We optimize our customers’ entire business processes through complete and interconnected solutions that integrate processes, human resources and business partners.

Direct integration of new technologies in our products

We keep abreast of technological developments and immediately adopt international trends and best practices in WMS.

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