Start WMS is a new and state-of-the-art solution for Supply Chain Management. It offers the possibility for every company to reduce costs and manage efficiently the resources of its warehouses and to provide the management with the required information and utilization of the warehouse data.

Start WMS is an integrated solution that fully covers the needs for the organization and management of warehouse, goods and materials.

It is a system, fully adapted to the specific operating requirements of each company, for the correct recording of supplies, products, inventories, stocks and cost control.
It provides real-time information about the warehouse data, allowing immediate and effective control. Start WMS is the ideal solution for businesses that have Soft1ERP as it is developed on SoftOne’s technology platform.

Unique Benefits for You

Increase employee productivity with faster and smarter handling of goods within the warehouse.

Save valuable time and optimize procurement processes through the automated purchase order creation, receipt and management mechanism.

Track inventories using standard specifications even by department and check them against physical inventories.

Faster warehouse workflow.

Uninterrupted operation of the warehouse even during peak periods.

Reporting: a wealth of reports based on Start WMS and ERP data for effective management and financial control for management.

Automate the process of inventory management and inventory of warehouses and other points of sale using PdA's.

Inter-movements between the central warehouse and the divisional warehouses.

Reduction of errors during collection.

Increase worker safety.

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