Logistics Vision Suite

Logistics Vision Suite Mantis

Mantis Logistics Vision Suite provides you with a technically excellent structured warehouse management system tailored to the needs of your business.
Its purpose is to fully meet any challenge arising from the complex processes performed in warehouses and the constant developments of the market.

Warehouse management

Organise and manage in the best possible way all the processes that take place in a warehouse for orders, receipts and shipments of products at any time you wish. Minimise the costs arising from the different actions. Optimise and monitor your distribution centre processes as they are:

The receipt of the goods

The depositing of the cargo in the storage centres

The replenishment of the collection places

The control of deficiencies

The collection of products

The shipment of the cargo

The realization of orders

The actions of the returns

Work on packaging etc.

The implementation of inventories

The loading of the products

Take advantage of every feature of LVision and the technology built into it to help you better manage your inventory by creating specific control rules. The technology you can enjoy is:

The Voice Picking

The use of portable printers for proof of delivery of the cargo

The Automatic Storage

The use of barcodes (barcode)

The use of wireless networks (RF) etc.

The Order Picking system

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Distribution Management

Optimise the daily routes in and out of the warehouse, up to and including the final placement of the load. Save money and time by travelling the minimum distances in the processes of picking, receiving, loading and shipping the right goods.

The actions supported are:

The scheduling of the routes of the available vehicles

The loading of goods onto vehicles

The delivery of the cargo together with the necessary accompanying shipping documents

Location tracking at every moment of every route

The correct distribution of the load within the vehicle

The performance of maintenance actions and the overall management of the vehicles

Stock management

Optimise the flow of your products through the warehouse by controlling and predicting the levels at which demand will fluctuate. Maintain the desired level of back orders and avoid possible stock outs. Shrink inventory management costs as much as possible. Replenish your warehouse on time and distribute the right stock to the right outlets, thus maintaining complete customer satisfaction. Some of the procedures supported by the system are:

The demand forecast

The feedback of the warehouse either on time or off- time

The management of the packaging and loading process of the product

Maintaining a history of product movements

The Cross Docking Procedures

Monitoring the seasonality of demand

Distribution at points of sale

Stock management according to dynamic selection scenarios

Dynamic inventory management through the support of multiple stock attributes and properties

Management of productive industrial units

Check the costs arising from the purchase of raw materials and packaging materials. Gain full control over every phase of the production process and every action performed. Check for any shortages of raw materials and compare the offers you receive from your suppliers to make the most advantageous decisions for you. Optimise the amount of foil produced to minimise your overall warehouse management costs. The actions performed are as follows:

The management of the production process

The management of produced germplasm

The monitoring of the actions performed during the maintenance of the equipment

The management of raw materials - semi-finished products - packaging materials

Real-time monitoring of the work in every phase of production

Quality control management

Support the quality control process with ISO and HACCP procedures. Track every movement your products make within the storage area, up to their placement at the final point of deposit – point of sale. Check your customers’ satisfaction and take the necessary corrective actions in time to minimise costs arising from any returns or product damage. Take action :

Quality control

Monitoring of compliance with specifications

Returns/Disaster Management

Staff training

WMS Mantis and the following additional subsystems help users to better control and monitor the warehouse:

Touch Screen Packing Station

Weigh your stock accurately at specially designed stations within the warehouse, where it is connected to weighing machines and the weight is recorded.
Also create product groups by packaging type

Visual Warehouse Manager

Visually monitor the actions that are being implemented and the stock of your warehouse in real time.

work force supervisor

Control the movements of users and RF terminals or perform real-time training.

Mantis LVS also enables you to receive detailed reports for each stage of logistics management in real time.

Get detailed information in the most comprehensible way about the performance of operations, stock shortages or back orders, etc. and take the right decisions in time to address the risks that may arise from the operations performed in a warehouse.

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