Is it time to get a profitable and organized storage center?

Is it time to get a profitable and organized storage center?

In too many companies there are difficult days when the processes and organisation of the warehouse are facing many problems. Goods break, orders are cancelled, a stack of boxes is discovered in a corner or there are still returns and generally everything seems to go wrong. You are now called upon to spend too many man-hours to be able to restore peace and order to your warehouse.

These are just some of the problems that warehouse managers face every day. Fortunately, these are all fairly common concerns that we, as WMS technology consultants, are aware of and work to resolve before you even experience them.

Some of the important challenges and opportunities of WMS systems that we will examine in this article are:

  • Organisation of the storage centre
  • The cost and the speed of execution of orders, loading and shipping
  • Degree of resilience, in peak periods
  • Problems with the inventory of the warehouse


What are the storage problems?

Not surprisingly, the most significant challenges and problems in your storage center are located around your inventory. Knowing, storing and optimally using stocks at the right time is a complex process. Imagine managing a ship manually, how many potential problems you will encounter until you reach your final destination (without losses and on time).

StartApp and its experienced team of technical consultants, based on the individual needs of your warehouse, provide you with comprehensive and affordable solutions for the optimal management of your warehouse. With StartApp’s WMS solutions you communicate directly with your warehouse, as we provide you with continuous and detailed information in real time. We offer you complete organisation, optimisation and automation of operations within your storage centre.

What are the problems when ordering and shipping stock?

Of course you need to know where your stock is located, how it is distributed in the warehouse, but you also need to have a complete mapping of your warehouse. If you don’t track the location of the stock or if you don’t have a system that keeps the location of the products up to date, then it will take more man-hours for employees to find the products, slowing down every subsequent process. Therefore, your overall labour cost per order increases.

StartApp answers all these challenges with the WMS systems it develops. It’s not enough to have the right space, you have to use it properly.

How? In the following ways:

  • Order management – multiple ways of collection (by stockist, item, category, order, etc.)
  • Cross Docking Process Support
  • Management of movements between warehouses and warehouse feedback
  • Management of special characteristics (batches, S/N, expiry date, colour, size, etc.)
  • Management of special warehouse conditions (dry cargo, refrigerated cargo, etc.)
  • Optimisation of routes within the storage centre

All of the above results in the
Increase the speed of execution of orders, loading and shipments while minimizing returns and eliminating any discrepancies and human errors

Can my warehouse be adapted to demand?

Adapting your warehouse to sudden changes in demand is an additional challenge for any WMS system.

StartApp’s WMS systems are intelligent in a way that helps you identify high-traffic inventory and keep it closer to your packing stations, reducing response times. The systems can also often highlight which products are bought together, allowing you to save time when selecting, bringing these products closer to your warehouse. If you have stock that is usually transported in large quantities or is unusually heavy, moving it to areas where forklift drivers can easily access the goods and manoeuvring can reduce pick-up time, as well as reduce the likelihood of accidents.

The last piece in this puzzle is difficult and touches on both the accuracy of stock levels and the adaptation of your warehouse in times of warehouse congestion. So you need a system that will support you during periods of high demand.

StartApp provides you with statistical analyses, forecasts and reporting for effective management and financial control to the management. Immediate and reliable information on the efficiency of your human resources as well as the efficiency of your warehouse. In addition, it offers you a plethora of KPI’s such as Number of picks per hour/day, Workstation utilization, Warehouse filling level etc.

What are the problems with the inventory of the warehouse?

The most common problem is inaccurate inventories, which cause discrepancies between the control and the actual picture of the warehouse. Having fewer products than you thought you had can lead to orders with lots of back orders and shipping delays. This results in disappointed customers and a reduction in your sales.

On the other hand, having more inventory than you thought you had can lead to unnecessary supplies that force you to find space to store more than you need, which leads to increased storage and maintenance costs.

The best way to deal with your inventory problems is to introduce automation and controls into your processes. These are the main challenges of WMS and StartApp helps you eliminate them.

StartApp comes with affordable solutions and support for every complex process running in your warehouse, in a timely and consistent manner. Organize your warehouse with reliability and get a step ahead of the competition.


Why trust us?

  1. Know-how & Professionalism

Many years of experience have made us experts in the development of integrated warehouse management systems. Our priority is to provide a high level of customer-centric services.

  1. Integrated warehouse management proposals

We optimize our customers’ entire business processes through complete and interconnected solutions that integrate processes, human resources and business partners.

  1. Direct integration of new technologies in our products

We keep abreast of technological developments and immediately adopt international trends and best practices in WMS.

  1. Top quality service after the sale

Our comprehensive service and support policy, even after the installation of the WMS, places us always at your side to support the development and growth of your company.

We offer immediate resolution of any questions or problems related to the operation, capabilities and efficiency of your WMS.

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